About Me

Welcome to my blog about the little moments in life and the journeys and adventures that happen along the way.  This will be a collection of stories from today, as well as from the past.  The story begins with my newest adventure: moving back to the islands.

The title for this blog, “Right Here, For Now”, comes from a fleeting thought that passed through my mind years ago as I hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro.  A thought that became a defining moment in my life.  “There is nowhere else in the world that I would rather be than right here, right now”.  The thought caught me off guard as I hiked along the trail.  It was so simple, but the concept was so profound to me.  I could not remember the last time I was that completely at peace with what I was doing and where I was that I was not daydreaming about doing something else or being somewhere else.  That idea has stayed with me and I make it my goal in life to find those moments as often as possible.  Sometimes they are in big adventures and sometimes I find them in small moments.  At other times, I realize that it has been too long since I have felt that feeling and realize it is time for something to change.  I have also come to realize that each of those moments, as perfect as they are in their time, have their own natural conclusions.  Enjoy each moment of life right here, right now, for as long as that moment feels right.  And then move on to the next page or chapter in life that makes you feel alive.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories of the adventures that give my life meaning and the lessons I have learned along the way as much as I am enjoying remembering the past as I walk into the future…and now, take a trip with me to the islands.