New Years Eve: Finding Inspiration in 2020

Every year, as New Year’s Eve approaches, I find myself reflecting back on the past year and thinking about my life, as a whole. As for many, if not most, people around the world, the year 2020 has been a lot for me to take in.  My initial thought to this is, thank goodness this year is almost over.  But then my next thought is that circumstances in life, and the world at large, don’t neatly follow our calendars.  While we wish for 2020 to be a thing of the past and while most of us certainly never expected to still be actively dealing with all the struggles that surround us, it seems clear that ringing in 2021 at midnight on New Year’s Eve is not going to magically change our circumstances.  But, isn’t that the case for every New Year’s Eve? 

Even though life does not change overnight at the start of the year, it gives us a certain energy to focus on where and how we want our lives to be different, or possibly, the same.  It gives us a certain energy to reflect on our past and dream of our future.  This year, I find myself dreaming dreams far bigger than in previous years, and more far-reaching, at that.  I find myself not only dreaming about where my life will go this year, but also where our collective lives will go. Will we come out of 2020 more compassionate and more willing to learn from our past? Will we use this time and the circumstances we all have gone through to carefully look at what is collectively important? Will we remember the promises we made during those dark moments of fear, worry, and hardship? And, more importantly, will we live up to them? All these questions, and more, run through my mind as I think about New Year’s Day 2021.  It has been a hard year, a scary year, a draining year, but if we choose to find the silver linings in the midst of this, I wonder if we can carry them with us into the upcoming year, and following years, and make our world the beautiful place it can be.  I believe we can. I wonder if we will?

As a way to carry our positivity into the next year, I invite you to join us for 365 Days of Inspiration.  Each day on Instagram, Rightherefornow1 will be posting an inspirational quote, rooted in nature, travel, and wanderlust.  My goal is to bring people a desire to dream, to find wonder, to be inspired every day to live the life they want.  In addition, join me for the Chakra Yoga series using the link below, to start the year out not only with an inspired mind but with a balanced and healthy body, as well. We created the Chakra Series last winter as the world went into lockdown.  We believed it was important to offer people a way to keep their bodies strong while so many exercise options became unavailable, as well as to keep their minds strong, while times were stressful, scary, and isolating.  As we settle into winter once again and with the pandemic still isolating us and limiting our access to physical exercise, the Chakra Series is a way to escape to the tropics while enjoying your daily yoga practice.  Imagine the warm sun on your skin, listen to the sound of the waves, and drift away to the peacefulness and solitude of forgotten beaches.  Enjoy and namaste.

On a final note, I want to give a big and grateful shout out to @missellenyin for her Hashtags Hacks series.  I am still learning so much about the world of blogging and social media and, therefore, I am constantly trying to find new and helpful learning platforms.  Hashtag Hacks hit the mark!  I highly recommend this series for anyone still learning the ropes.  Check out Hashtag Hacks with Ellen Yin and may the New Year be as inspiring for you and your blog as it has been for mine! 

Happy New Year everyone!  May our struggles inspire us and may our road forward be one that leads us to our dreams.

 Please note that I have an affiliate account with Hashtag Hacks.

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